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Anu Laiho is a Finnish dance artist and dance teacher, currently based in Oslo, Norway. She holds a BA in Dance Pedagogy from Turku University of Applied Sciences (2015-2019) and MA in Dance from Oslo National Academy of the Arts (2019-2021).

As a dance artist Laiho is interested in finding different formats for channeling the experienced. She explores the sensations of the body in relation and in communication with the surrounding world, intertwining movement and imagination. Laiho premiered her Master's Project RESPACE in March 2021, diving into the realm of imagined spaces. In Spring 2022, Anu Laiho will be working with her research project kehotus, exploring embodied information and the space of the body, and collaborating with other artists.

Laiho has worked as a dance teacher since 2013, teaching ballet, jazz, contemporary and children's dance to students of all ages. As a teacher, she wants to meet her students as individuals, bringing out their own creativity and potential.

Anu Laiho has received the Grant for Newly Graduated Artists in 2021 and the Preproject Funding for her current research in 2022 from The Norwegian Arts Council.

PHOTO_ Jenni Laaksonen
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