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Selfportrait Pornography

LIGHT DESIGN: Reidar Richardsen
OUTSIDE EYE: Jonas Øren 
PHOTOGRAPHY: Jonas Øren & Tale Hendnes

20., 22.-24.5.2023 Dansens Hus, Oslo, Norway

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Selfportrait Pornography is a demo solo performance part of Anu Laiho's current research project RED. It was performed as part of the Koreografilaboratoriet in May 2023.

Selfportrait Pornography leans into the themes of lust and sexuality as a queer person in a feminine body – the representation of the feminine figure as an over-sexualised item, and being both the object and subject of lust in ecstatic and painful ways. Through exploring these themes, she creates a series of metaphorical selfportraits used to present herself to the audience – ones of the somatic selfimage, ones of socially constructed expectations and ones of imagined perfection.

The performance is curious of personal histories, ways of portrayal and the lines between public, private and personal. The performance reveals in both physical and written formats the personal experience of the artist as someone experiencing lust and as someone who is being lusted by someone else.

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