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underneath my skin there is red

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OUTSIDE EYE: Cecilie Lindeman Steen

4.12.2022 Scenehuset, Oslo, Norway

underneath my skin there is red is part of Anu Laiho's current research project RED. It was performed as a work-in-progress solo as part of the Mind the Gap event in December 2022.

This performance centred around the perceived identities and roles, criticising the assumptions and lustful gazes directed towards the feminine figure.

“All young female artists make pieces about their bodies”, he said. “It’s naïve”. I do not remember the person, but I remember the conversation.
I would like to think myself as an artist. And at 26, I guess I would also fit the description of young. If I am naïve, I will embrace it. 
But this femaleness. Perhaps I am not.
Perhaps what I have is a queer mind, a queer body and queer flesh.
You look at me and see what you see, perceive what you perceive.
But underneath my skin there is red. I am red."

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