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R E  S   P    A     C      E

COSTUME DESIGN: Karianne Caspara Haagensen
SOUND DESIGN: Petter Wiik with Anu Laiho
LIGHT DESIGN: Martin Myrvold
SUPERVISOR: Janne-Camilla Lyster

2.-5.3.2021 Oslo National Academy of the Arts, Oslo, Norway

Master's Research pt. 1 (2019)

RESPACE is Anu Laiho's Master's Project at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts performed in March 2021.

In this performance, Laiho welcomes the audience into a black box and creates an imaginary room inside of it. This imaginary room, a vision of a home, is created and transformed through intertwining of movement, light and sound. These series of transformations invite the audience to explore their own imaginations - unraveling the meanings and experiences related to the places we live.

During her research, Laiho has explored space through building installations in different scales, dressing and undressing space with objects, and finding relations between the body and space through writing tasks and movement. Henri Lefebvre's idea of real and ideal space and Bernard Tschumi's expansion of it to architecture have worked as an inspiration to the work, together with theory about site-specific performance.

Read the program note here.

respace Martin Myrvold.jpeg


15.10.2020 Lunch in Progress, Oslo 

Lunch in Progress.jpeg
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