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KOHTA* (in my point of view)

kohta 2.png

PERFORMANCE: Veslemøy Frengstad, Dagny Gimse, Hedda Lausund & Julianne Solli
COSTUME DESIGN: Anu Laiho & performers

7.-8.5.2018 University of Stavanger, Stavanger, Norway

Kohta - Place or point | Kohta - Soon
Kohtaus - Act or scene | Kohtaus - Seizure, attack or fit
Kohtaaminen - Encounter or meeting

KOHTA* (in my point of view) plays with the different meanings, possibilities and forms of the Finnish word kohta. Laiho wanted to create a place stopped in time, in an eternal state of waiting. The dancers use linear and repetitive movement patterns, never touching each other, but staying in clear formations throughout the piece. The piece seems like a cut from a scene - it does not start from the beginning and the audience does not witness the final ending.
The text used in the piece was written by Laiho and it pictured the encounters of a park, a man, a bird and a tree. Each character in the text goes through an eternal cycle of observing the existence of the others, transforming and returning to the beginning. The four dancers retell this scene from different points of view, creating the soundscape using speech, silence and breath.
The piece was made during Laiho's exchange semester at the University of Stavanger and it was presented as part of the second-year students' performances.

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