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PERFORMANCE: Mirva Honkanen, Jenny Kallio, Emma Keitilä, Aliisa Peräniitty, Tuisku Toivonen, Paula Viitanen
COSTUME DESIGN: Anu Laiho & Mervi Kuittinen
MUSIC: Stromae

13.-16.12.2017 Arts Academy, Turku University of Applied Sciences, Turku, Finland


"Sen jälkeen, kun..."  was a part of the ÄÄRELLÄ - 9 group choreographies event at the Arts Academy of Turku University of Applied Sciences. The event was part of the BA in Dance Pedagogy program.

The performance was based around turning narratives into movement. Working as an "Open Letter to Death", the piece explores experiences of grief, anger and loss. In the piece, the six dancers inhabit the stage together and yet apart. They float passively in a stage of change, not quite touching each other but sharing the same experiences. Slowly building friction and waking up, the dancers invite the audience to uncover the stories presented on stage. 
Some of the material was created with the dancers. Laiho gave writing tasks to her dancers, asking them to create a story of their liking and then to turn these stories and narratives into movement phrases. Together with Laiho's narrative of accepting the loss of loved ones, these stories and movements intertwined on stage, creating a scene of beautiful despair.

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