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This workshop dives into the TASK-WRITE-REVISE method developed and used in Laiho's Final Project for her Master’s in Dance Degree,
R E S P A C E (2021).

It is a task based choreographic tool that uses repetition and accumulation to process movement ideas and to build patterns. The piece worked with imagination and space, with the aim to create authentic bodily experiences of imagined physical spaces. The workshop approaches these themes only loosely, and aims more to offer an alternative compositional tool.

The method works in a cyclical manner, where a task is decided and executed, and the experience of doing the task is logged through intuitive writing – or alternatively drawing – and then revising the task into a new form. The aim is not to recreate a set movements, but accumulate and build up movement from our sensations, and to keep record of the kinaesthetic, the experienced and the feelings of “right” when improvising. The workshop works as an introduction to the possibilities of the method, it does not necessarily aim to produce compositions, although they may always be happy surprises.

The workshop can be organised on request as a 4h-6h intensive or as
a 2-5 day workshop series. Individual sessions can also be arranged, for example as a proposal for tactics and solutions for material generation in early artistic process.

See calendar for Upcoming Workshops.

Past Workshops:

September 27th-29th 2022
(6h in total)

PRAXIS Trondheim
December 9th 2023

Individual Artist Sessions
August 2024


Anu Laiho has a 4-year dance pedagogical Bachelor's Degree from Turku University of Applied Sciences, including education in teaching contemporary dance, jazz, ballet, improvisation techniques and children's dance.

Available on request to teach professionals, students, teenagers and children for full semesters, substitute positions and shorter workshops, intensives or camps.

Currently teaching jazz dance technique for teenagers, as well as pre-point technique for pre-teens at Jessheim Danseskole every Tuesday in 2024! 

See classes for Jessheim Danseskole.

Previous Dance Schools:

Etelä-Hämeen Tanssiopisto / 2019, 2013–2014
Contemporary Dance, Jazz, Ballet and Children's Dance
(Ages 3-16+)

Lopen Teatteri / 2019
Coaching in Musical Dance for amateur actors

Arts Academy, Turku University of Applied Sciences / 2015–2018
Teaching practice for Bachelor’s Degree in Dance & Dance Pedagogics
Contemporary Dance, Jazz, Ballet, Children's Dance and School Dance
(Ages 3-19+)

GoBabyGo Finland / 2017
Children's Dance
(Ages 4-6)

Dance Studio Funky / 2016
Contemporary Dance
(Open Level)

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